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Data Conversion

Data conversion is the process of changing data from one format to another, or migrating data to and from various formats. Conversion is used to change data to the correct format to work with the system and software specified by the customer, or to convert data from an original application format to a more accessible form . The process of Media Conversion varies according to the situation. Different conversion methods are utilized according to cost and data accuracy.

We perform SGML / XML Conversion of digital content, books, magazines, etc,. Our range of expertise covers areas like, high-volume and mark-up to XML, SGML & HTML. We have the expertise to carry out conversion projects involving every kind of information, like, scientific, legal, etc,. You can outsource your input in any format and we will convert them into XML, SGML, HTML and PDF, based on your requirements. Our range of expertise includes:

We can work from:
• Data entry from written text, i.e., books, papers, etc,. * Data entry of e-books
• E-publishing through data entry
• Data capturing and collection
• Indexing of data using cut, copy, and paste, editing and sorting functions.
• Data entry from image files into any other format
• Data entry of specific functional areas like sales/ payroll.
• Data entry for preparation of mailing lists
• Conversion from page maker to pdf format
• Conversion from MS word to html format
• Conversion of data in specified MS Office formats.




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