Utilizing   advanced   technology   as   well   as   highly   synchronized   managerial   team,   Transventure   is   equipped   to   handle   high   volumes   of dictation   24   hours,   365   days   a   year.      For   quality   and   tracking   purposes,   Transventure   routes   dictation   to   our   corporate   facility located in Coimbatore, India.
Our   strong   commitment   and   uncompromising   policy   to   excellence   enables   us   to   deliver   services   with   the   desired   combination   of good accuracy, TAT, and Service.
At   Transventure,   we   strive   to   not   only   meet   but   also   exceed   everyone   else’s   quality   standards.      Utilizing   a   time-tested   and streamlined   method   of   internal   tracking   and   routine   transcription   audits,   Transventure   is   able   to   continuously   improve   upon   our already sound practice of quality and customer satisfaction.
Using   the   latest   technology,   our   professionally,   experienced   and   dedicated   staff   guarantees   to   offer   our   clients   a   service   of unparalleled   quality   and   efficiency.      Transventure   is   fully   staffed   and   ready   when   you   require,   allowing   you   to   save   time,   focus more attention on patient care, and reduce your risk of any future healthcare audits.
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