Insurance Outsourcing Services: Our   insurance   outsourcing   services   have   enabled   clients   to   achieve   improved   turnaround   times,   high   quality   results   and   rapid   scaling   of   processes while   realizing   significantly   lower   costs   of   operations   than   sourcing   models/approaches.   In   a   present   scenario   where   there   is   greater   scrutiny   on operational   and   IT   costs,   Trans   venture   can   improve   your   competitiveness,   help   you   focus   on   the   right   business   and   technology   initiatives,   and execute them cost effectively. Various insurance outsourcing services we provide include: Property and Casualty Insurance : • New business administration • Claims processing • Premium processing • Administration of current policies Life Insurance : • New business processing • Administration of policies • Tracking of premium • Administration of insurance advisors • Claims processing Health Insurance : • Claims processing • Current policies • New business administration  
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